Living Goals

According to conspiracy theories, the world may end in little less than a week from now. As I candidly watch people scramble taking “just in case” actions. I think about my life journey.

I hear people nervously giggle at the possible dissolution of this planet. Bubbling on the surface, I sense we all fear just the same. We wonder if we’ve been true to ourselves, and what happiness truly means from within. We’ve all dreamt about things we wished we could, but then shrug it off with the reality of battling upstream. Knowing what makes us happy is easy, it’s innate! Making decisions based on happiness on the other hand can be a hard thing to do. Often we humans complicate things with by thinking happiness depends solely on monetary success and possessions we mask ourselves with. But in true we will all depart, and return back to earth with non of that to take with. As far as I know, tomorrow’s are never promised. With that thought in my head, I’d like to live a comfortable life, rich in good company and experiences. This year with I’m very glad I finally found the courage to honor a life true to myself, and not live life to what others expect of me.

For years now I’ve been mentally jotting down my living goals/bucket list. I feel like in order to align my life better, I need to have it lodged down. It will register better in my brain this way. I’m trying to shape my life into an adventure full of mini challenges instead of pondering. There is no particular order to my list, nor is It a complete absolute must. After all life is sweeter when some things are slightly out of reach. Like life itself, the list will be ever-changing, but the core will remain the same.. I’m all about connecting the smaller dots to create a bigger picture.

Living goals, the 99 list, I know there’s a a few missing from this, I have these privately in my head and would like to keep unpublished. Like life it self the list of 99 things I’d like to do is a ever changing as I live through it. It helps me stay true to myself and strife a deeper living.

Learn to understand myself more and to be comfortable in accepting differences in others.
Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.
Learn time management, which includes time to just do smooch out and do nothing (something I’m not very good at).
Maintain a positive mental attitude (#PMA).
Learn how to take criticism and compliments. I’m better at the former than the latter.
Write a letter to my nieces/nephews and children (if I every get lucky to have some of my own), telling them what I want them to know about my life and the lessons I’ve learned.
Ice skate out in the open on a frozen a lake.
To greet the northern lights, and camp in Norway.
Get a motorbike license.
Get lost amongst shops at the Tehran grand bazaar and sink my teeth into some mouth watering tahchin while at it.
Have a rooftop picnic.
Go on a cruise holiday.
Have a New York style pizza in New York.
Try ice cream from a side vendor in Turkey
To spend more time watching the night sky and learn more about our solar system.
Air boat ride around the Everglades.
To watch a live Pacquaio fight in hope I can stand next to him. I really need to visualize how tall he really is standing next to me. No joke! I’m a real visualizer, I can get real stuck on details like that.
To visit Tibet before it changes a whole lot more.
Watch the Wagah border parade in Punjab before heading up towards the Himalayan hills to Shimla by rail.
Attend the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center one year.
Throw tomatoes at la tomatina
Make paper.
Travel more by land.
Visit Nike WHQ in Oregon.
Set foot on all seven continents.
Live on a lifestyle block and try surviving mainly from the land.
Go on a Lebovitz dessert tour.
Work in a cafe and learn how to appreciate coffee more.
Zip line in Monteverde, Costa Rica
Attend Woodstock.
Galapagos islands. Need I elaborate more?
Knit a complete jersey and not give up for the millionth time.
Make a trip to Israel.
Visit Redwood National Park.
Crowd surf.
Make my very own jar of sauerkraut.
Make kimchi.
Attend Coachella and stop by Joshua Tree National Park along the way.
Shave my hair off completely and donate it to locks of love. I’ve always wondered how I would look bald, you?
Jump off a high cliff into the ocean.
Actually travel around Malaysia.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
See how many gyoza’s I can eat in one seating.
Enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in Cuba. *Just did in Myanmar, but still not legit.
Write a children’s story book.
Go on a wild safari drive. Which kid didn’t dream of this as child?
Complete the following marathons: New York, China, London, Paris, Prague, Honolulu,Boston, Auckland, Rototua, Penang.
Complete at least one triathlon.
Ride at least one of the top 10 rollercoaster and not throw up.
Sew my own clothes.
Wake-skate properly.
Work in a vineyard.
Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Travel the Silk Road Trail.
Spend my 40th touring Europe in a campervan, try rope family to tag along parts of the trip.
Motorcycle break, traveling solely on bike for at least a week or two.
Swim with fur seals at Abel Tasman Park.
Dine at Voodoo Donuts.
Ride a horse without a saddle.
Start a charitable foundation to help with child development.
Become fluent in Mandarin.
Float around the Dead Sea.
Be in Thailand during the Songkran Festival.
Make cheese.
Make almond milk.
Visit the Grand Canyon.
See the Pyramids of Giza.
Make friends with a fox.
Tube on the Nam Song River.
Climb Machu Picchu.
Drive on the German Autobahns.
Walk the Great Wall.
See Christ the Redeemer in person.
Go on a forest expedition.
Hike the Inca trail in Peru.
Wear a Fraggle Rock costume for no apparent reason, and continue to do what I would normally do for a whole day without prior warning to others.
Learn how to play a musical instrument.
Pick up pottery crafting.
See Niagra Falls.
Spend time on a boathouse in Kerela.
Eliminate the use of plastic at home.
Drive on route 66.
Try the all talked about Cocio Milk Chocolate.
Become a human flag (The flag is a skill where one holds onto a vertical object and, with arms straight, holds their body horizontal to the ground.) Cool huh.
Help grandma reconnect with her relatives in Mexico.
Step foot on Maldives before it disappears.


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