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Bang Chang Kuih, Penang

Mother of all pancakes. Bang Chang Kueh, is commonly found in Malaysia,Singapore and Indonesia.The sweet pancake is usually filled with roasted peanuts, cream corn and sugar.

Although there are many variations of this with brown sugar, banana, condense milk, and cheese. My all time fave is the stock standard sweet corn, crushed peanuts, and sugar sprinkles.

The morish pancake is chewy in texture with crispy sides, best eaten hot off the pan.



  1. Bunny Eats Design says

    This looks divine. Are these snack pancakes? Or breakfast or late, late at night?

    I’ll be tucking into the pancakes of Thailand and Laos in a week or two. Those are mostly for late, late at night (on the walk home).

    • They are most commonly sold as snacks like crepes are in Paris. Do keep a look out for the banana version of this too, they are simple too divine to pass up. Have fun in Asia, can’t wait to see the post πŸ™‚

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