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When in Dublin, Ireland.


I enjoy running around new cities; I’ll usually wake up early tie my laces and just allow my self to slow jog while absorbing the surrounds, a good way to find bearings around too. Dublin is full of statues, sculptures, and monuments; Sphere Within Sphere, Hippocampus, Molly Malone, Mr. Screen, my personal favourite is the Halfpenny bridge, I very quickly learned that it leads to Temple bar (where you’ll probably find yourself loitering at some point during the visit). If and when in Temple bar head down for a few pints-of-whatever-you-fancy at the first brewery pub to exist Porterhouse.

Oh before you crank on a few pints, stroll around Trinity college campus and be sure to pop in the library, the impressive dark oak interior is known for housing the Book of Kells (an illuminated copy of the Gospel that dates from the 800 A.D.), it’s amazing how well it’s been preserved.


Having being brought up in a country that is proud of it’s export I always thought the milk and dairy product was superior in Australasia, that was until I tried milk from the rare native Irish breed Kerry cows. Murphies Ice Cream uses Kerry milk in all their ice cream I fell in love with the well boasted Dingle Sea Salt Ice Cream so much I my heart crushed a little when time crippled a second visit. Boohoo-hoo!


The given on what to do while in Dublin, immerse yourself in the world of Guinness at St James gate of course. It’s a Allow a window of 3hrs minimum to learn how to pour a perfect pint, embrace the view from above in the Guinness tower, learn about Arthur Guinness and his vision, go mad at the gift shop, have a meal, and learn all things Guinness. Here’s a few key notes I took away with

1. Colour of Guinness is not brown or black, it’s actually deep ruby red

2. St. Patrick’s day is not the only day to celebrate with a pint. There is also Arthur’s Day  (week in some places) in September to worship Guinness.

3.The St. James’ Gate Brewery, in Dublin was leased for 9,000 years by the Guinness family. The flat rate annual fee of about £45! Yes you reading this right – £45!

4. The porter you love today originally began as an ale.Arthur Guinness originally brewed ale and only started making porter in the 1770s due to some competition from other brewers.

5. The head of Guinness is unlike any other, the beer is dispensed using a mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. That gives the beer a thick head, little carbonation, and the smooth taste.

6. It’s a 6 step process to pouring a perfect pint of Guinness

Take a cool, clean, dry, Guinness branded glass.
Hold the glass under the tap at an angle of 45 degrees.
Pull the handle forward until it is horizontal and fill the glass to between 15mm and
20mm (about ¾”) from the top. Never put the tap spout into the Guinness.
Leave the surge to settle (approx 119.5 secs).
Top up the glass by pushing the tap handle backwards until the head is just proud of
the glass. Do not let the stout overflow, and never use a spatula to level the head.
Consume/Hand the pint to the consumer with a steady hand. There should be no sneaky sips or overspill involved.

7.  Guinness is brewed is brewed in more than 150 countries, this includes London Nigeria, Malaysia, Cameroon, and Ghana.

8. Guinness goes well as an ingredient for pot roast, cake, ice cream, stews, pie,and mmm triple chocolate cookies anyone?

9.Guinness was one of the first trademark-protected products ever. According to the brewery, the company came up with a trademark label in the 19th century to “protect the Guinness name” overseas. The trademark includes the harp and signature of Arthur Guinness.

10.  A pint contains only 198 calories. That’s less than most light beers, wine, orange juice or  low fat milk.


Before you depart be sure to try  some Guinness Corned beef with some Irish potatoes, Scampi from a chippery or Super Miss Sue, Sweet Bread not to be confused as carbohydrate form (pancreas poached in milk), Irish oysters, quick bite at Bobo’s burger, try their onion rings, and the understated Fried chicken roll at the grocer (great to curb the hangover).


If Guinness isn’t enough and you have more boozy days to spare, do pop by the Old Jameson Distillery.


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