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The Great Ocean Drive

IMG_444210807007_10152383333645047_105657893_nI’ve learned at this age that I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself; I’m embracing the great company I’m surrounded with and being receptive with what the universe throws at me. I’m thankful for another year on Earth.



Adrian isn’t the best at strawberry harvesting, you’ll find that most of it goes straight into his mouth.


Constantly learning new things about myself; Giaviota is my favourite specimen out of all the strawberries I’ve tried, it’s super sweet with a very mild tartness. Pretty hard to beat eaten straight off the plant after it’s been basking in the sun. Oh if heaven had a taste this would be close.

IMG_4429IMG_4431Out of all the flavours that was tried it has come to conclusion that I’m most comfortable with what I like and don’t feel the need to change, in this case it was vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. When doing the Great Ocean Drive do try stop by Apollo Bay for a few scoops of ice cream from the all talked about multi award winning Dooley’s Ice Cream.

10811644_10152383333795047_1325082690_nI love camping, star gazing before bed and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping away is underrated. Put a pause on living fast for a day or two live deep if you can, being connected with the world from literally a ground level it a good thing for soul.


10805500_10152383960630047_143277938_nTimboon is a small town but it sure has some great gastronomic offerings, exquisite ice creams,smooth spirits, fine artisan food. When visiting be sure to pick up blocks of Apostle Whey Cheese to go (I’m incredibly upset that we’re almost out of stock, we like correction LOVE the rich Camembert and their creamy blue).

10807061_10152383334110047_816894755_n Nothing beats seeing animals in their natural environment. I forget that cockatoos came from the wild. I was stunned the first time I was one at a park a few years back, like most people the visualisation of these birds are generally pet shop related. IMG_4564Crossing The Great Ocean drive off my Living Goal/99 List.



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