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Coffee in Myanmar

Artisanal sourcing, roasting, and blending brought on espresso bars leading to chains of café’s namely,  Starbucks which are retrospectively titled  the “Second Wave of Coffee”. Now the trend is moving onto Third Wave Coffee;  aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, so that one may appreciate subtleties of flavor, and varietal (similar to other complex culinary products such as wine, tea, and chocolate).

In Myanmar the choices you get can be rather limited it’s all about the instant sachet, it’s so much of a norm that it’s commonly accepted to serve hot water and a flavoured powder of your choice mixed with non dairy creamer all for you to stir. On the plus note it’s interactive, consistant, and changing the mind post ordering isn’t so much a big deal. so long as the sachet isn’t open.


Call it new wave, back wave, insta-wave, or whatever you feel like. I’m not crazy about sachet drinks, but this is how the locals generally do it, and I respect that.  I appreciate  having the perspective.




Oh wait! I’ll have tea instead please.


Lesson learnt, teaspoons are not be used for cutting samosas. Whoops!


Wouldn’t mind one of these right now.


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