Lived through
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Lived Through

  1. Drive the Great Ocean Road.
  2. Open capped bottles with a lighter.
  3. Visit back stage of a gig/concert.
  4. Have a complete chocolate themed dinner.
  5. Step foot on a glacier.
  6. Ride on a helicopter ride.
  7. Sleep in a tree house.
  8. Bake bread from scratch, sour dough specifically.
  9. Drink chai from a side chai walla stall in India
  10. Walk around a glacier.
  11. Get to know my family a whole lot more.
  12. Whale watch.
  13. Making all kinds of nut milk as a staple
  14. Roscoe’s fried chicken and waffle
  15. Completed a half marathon.
  16. Completed a full marathon.
  17. Grow my own fruit tree and harvest from it.
  18. Service a vehicle myself without supervision
  19. ‘Dine’ my way through Amsterdam.
  20. Competed a dual-thalon
  21. Learn how to carve wood.
  22. Restore a classic Mini.
  23. Sleep on a overnight train.
  24. Visit the Cookie Time Factory.
  25. Jump off the Auckland Skytower.
  26. Photo blog for a year
  27. Kindle a fire without matches.
  28. Visit the Myanmar before it changes even more.
  29. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter.
  30. Become a certified open sea diver.
  31. Polish off a 19″ pizza from Epolitos alone. Sail.
  32. Drive a sports car on the circuit.
  33. Train at a Muay Thai camp.
  34. Visit the world’s smallest national park.
  35. Enter an official eating competition.
  36. Spend a day in Disneyland.
  37. Skydive.
  38. Attempt to gorge as much ice cream as i possibly can in one seating.
  39. Attempt a cheeseburger eating competition. Proudly announcing 9 cheese burgers under 15 mins.
  40. Eat my way along the floating market in Bangkok.
  41. Brew a decent cup of cuppa.
  42. Wake up camping next to a lake.
  43. Bravely sing through a karaoke session properly.
  44. Bungy jump.
  45. Visit Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia
  46. Pay hommage to the Mona Lisa
  47. Ride a camel.
  48. Selling kimchi through The Good Seed
  49. Perfect egg poaching.
  50. Make croissant from scratch.
  51. Streak and dip in the sea.
  52. Snowboard
  53. Ski down the mount and successfully not take out everyone along the way.
  54. Home brew hard cider
  55. Observe life on the river Ganga.
  56. Visit the Taj Majal
  57. Zorbing.
  58. Run an event in a ridiculous costume and not care.
  59. Meet a platypus.
  60.  85kms Tawawera Ultra Marathon.

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