Month: July 2015

Good eats in Bali

Ku De Ta, Potato Head Beach Club, Echo Beach, Fatchow, Barbacoa all hold their own merits, you’ll have no problems finding feeds of information online about the coolest’ places to dine. I however find it more enriching to explore other offerings,the smaller eateries, old school joints, local shacks appeal to me the most. Eating locally amongst locals whenever possible provides a difference experience, it gives one more insight into the tradition and culture of destination, at the same time this also allows a direct monetary injection into the community where it’s needed most. Not suggesting you should snob the popular joints, mix it up a little πŸ™‚ Ubud Barbecued ribs and martini appeal to you? If you’re a self professed big foodie carnivore Naughty Nuri’s Warung is a must on the hit list, the warung specialises in tender, juicy, saucy, generous slabs of pork ribs you’ll be happy to eat it alone without any accompaniment, well that and maybe a refreshing blend of watermelon juice or a couple glasses of their signature martini guaranteed to …

Dining Chairs Reupholstered.

I remember sighting this fabric at vintage store in Auckland. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it at the time, but somehow I was compelled to leave with a cut off. A few weeks back I picked up a couple of old chairs with the idea of reupholstering them.Finally a perfect opportunity to pull out the piece ofΒ  fabric that been stored for the last five years. Unfortunately, due to my excitement I forgot to take shots of the chair prior to taking it apart. Here is a link on how to reupholster instead. A flat head, Phillips, glue, and a staple gun later… A perfect match is formed.I now get to dine at home in a civilized manner instead of slouching over the coffee table. Good things take time I suppose πŸ™‚