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Bago, Myanmmar

If you’re traveling by land around Myanmar I highly recommend on the itinerary a wee spot named Bago. It is commonly perceived as a sleepy stop over town on the way to Golden Rock, or Inle Lake, if you’re traveling by bus up east from Yangon. The new town of Pegu took me by surprise (perhaps it was it hospitality or maybe it I  was just glad to be removed from the bus seat I molded into.), I’d say it was probably the combination of the two. Which calls upon the plug for San Francisco Hotel; priced wellclean, and reliable wi-fi (means a lot when you’re in Myanmar).  The family running the hotel are incredibly nice, they also provide motorbike day tour on the side to suit tourist laying over for the night before hitting their journey again the next day. P1140809 The morning was kick started with the question ‘what would you like for breakfast?’ without hesitation our response was “local please”. My partner in crime Adrian and I were ushered on two separate motorcycles,  I pillion rode with the extremely friendly lady operator ThuZar,  and A with one of male her staff member (apologies, I forget his name). P1140811 I was stunned by Mohinga. This fish noodle soup is considered by many to be a national dish, often readily available in most parts of the country from street hawkers, roadside stalls, and family restaurants. Although mohinga is most commonly eaten as a breakfast dish, it wont frowned upon if you have it any other time. I had a day solely dedicated to eating the national jewel from various different stalls, I won’t judge if you do the same. Promise! P1140814 P1140816 Awaken by contrasting textures of chewy rice noodles, creamy broth, tender banana stalks, crisp chickpeas, topped with fresh greens. I can never have enough! Never! P1140819 P1140821 This humble stall was one of the best Mohinga vendors in Burma.


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