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Toh Soon Cafe


The constant mutter of Toh Soon by friends intrigued me. Never have I made a deliberate attempt to visit a food establishment just to try out toast. Lucky for me I manage rope a human into my little escapade. As we walked down the wee alley I knew it could not go wrong. With the smell of coffee wafting in the air, the eatery was bursting full of life The set up was simple, no frills, just a bunch of plastic chairs,tables,and the permanent kitchen fixtures ; shelves, kitchen bench, one oil drum rigged into charcoal stove just enough to boil water at the same time doubles up as a toaster.


Take note; the eatery/kopi-tiam (literally translated as coffee shop) is rather small, you’ll need to be patient, there’s always a wee bit of a wait. I don’t mind it, it gives me a bit of an excuse to just stand around and get mesmerised watching how the place operates. I’m not entirely sure of the Toh Soon history, it’s always been busy, I never get the chance to ask much. You find yourself a spot, order the standard – Cham (a mix of Hainese coffee and black tea with condense milk),toast, eggs. Have your time with the place then happily scoot off.


Every slice of toast ordered is delicately grilled over charcoal with care.


Crust cut, heavy coating of butter and coconut jam/Kaya to finish with. Spoil much?!


Can’t confirm just yet, but I’m pretty sure the coconut jam is home made. It has a distinct caramelised flavour, and the texture to it is perfect.


None to waste, left over bread are made into toast crackers. Made perfect to dunk into coffee as a mid-afternoon pick me up perhaps?


I’m often corrected when I say coffee.. It’s KOPI IVY!! Malaysian coffee, is more commonly known as kopi. I appreciate good coffee, but I don’t know all that much, I’ve got a fair bit to learn. From what I know, Malaysian brew is usually steeped with a sock like mesh, is very dark and usually made up of Liberica or Robusta beans roasted with a tinge of butter and sugar.


Set up is simple, yet effective.


South East Asian staple!


While waiting for the breakfast standard one can easily get carried away with one, or two lots of Nasi Lemak


and of course my lust the ever so addictive Curry Puff.


The breakfast standard!


Toast made to perfect perfection, crisp on the outside, chewy soft center, slathered with a perfect combination of butter and coconut jam.


I like eggs, the only down fall is that this isn’t free range. Something I couldn’t resist, but attack in moderation.


One can’t help but wonder what stories these bottles would tell if they could speak. They look like they’ve been around for ages. Btw- the dark liquid is not to be mistaken as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce is used as an alternative to salt in Asia.




Parting is always the hardest. I usually take my time with the last few bites.




  1. I really really liked this post. Something so simple yet amazing about toast…I love food. I now want to travel there to eat all the things you talked about.

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