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Delicious Chickpea Tofu

What do you get when you add chickpea flour and water, heated up? Delicious Chickpea Tofu. Filling, great tasting, easy to cook, inexpensive, a great plant based protein add on to complete any… Continue reading

How to extend the life of an avocado.

Did you know you can keep avocados all year round without spending exorbitant prices during the off season. It’s winter now, we’re stock piling for taco nights ahead. Instructions 1. Cut and peel… Continue reading

Easy Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Do you ever get the urge to wear elasticated pants, turn on the tele and to gorge on a chocolate pudding? We’ll every, say one in a month I get mad cravings for… Continue reading

How to stop screwing yourself over.

There is a tonne of books on how to loose weight, eat well, live better..You’ve read it all, tried it. But it hasn’t worked, in fact somewhere along those lines you’ve managed gain… Continue reading

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

We’ve got a few remaining days of autumn left and I still can’t get enough pumpkin, it’s so versatile it’s great roasted, served as a mash, in stews, heck even ice cream. Today… Continue reading

Protein Bites

Great for the in between whether it be school, work, sports, or just because you need something to curb the munch attack without scaling on the red line of the nutritional chart. This… Continue reading